Coming soon! The new album from Red Spot Rhythm Section!

Our latest release, a two-sided single of broken-hearted soul, in renditions of hits from 1980s Britain. Featuring Claire Liparulo & Erthe St. James!

A roots rock & reggae mashup tribute to Tom Petty, featuring Akasha, JC Brooks, Todd Kessler, Angela Peel, Jaik Willis, and more!

Our single, Hard To Give Thanks / Foundation, features Shane Jonas on vocals, Michael Bizar on lead guitar, and Mike Bruno on kit!

Check out our single, Win for Losing, along with a Dub mix by Cale Wilcox and a Nyabinghi mix featuring Chris Paquette on Percussion.

The Red Spot Rhythm Section Presents
      Their Debut Album...

"I developed a radio receiver that had algorithmic look-ahead capability. Eventually, I realized I was listening to frequencies from extrapolated futures.     And then I heard music."

Worry: Songs of Homan Freed is a collection of songs and journals recently discovered from a future broadcast leaked back in time. The Red Spot Rhythm Section, along with some special guests, have recreated these temporally homeless songs in this brief retrospective.

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