Red Spot Rhythm Section Press

Tainted Love / Boys Don't Cry

"Red Spot Rhythm Section - Chicago based unit have two great soulful ska flavoured 80s covers." - Button Down Radio

"A blend of roots, reggae, soul and ska which is very danceable" - Here Comes The Flood


Won't Back Down: A Roots Tribute to Tom Petty

"Swimming in the rich rivers of genres that include reggae, ska, soul, and Americana, Siegal and his ever-changing cast of guest musicians ride a sweet retro flow on their compositions." - Rebel Noise

Best Cover Songs of August 2021 - Cover Me

Interview and spins on the August 8 2021 WCGO - Playtime show.

Appearance on "Fresh Tracks" - Chicago Soundcheck

"Won’t Back Down: A Roots Tribute To Tom Petty celebrates classic material ... with an inventive and appealing mix of reggae, ska, Americana, and soul. Several musicians were brought together by Chicago-based musician Joshua Siegal, and an extensive roster of vocalists are all top notch. The renditions range from celebratory to inspirational." - Broken Hearted Toy

Featured in "Singled Out" on AntiMusic

"The fact that these cover versions encouraged the undersigned to also listen to the originals indicates that you can certainly consider this project a success. ... Very successful reggae ode to one of the greatest of the American music pantheon!" -


Hard To Give Thanks / Foundation

Premiere of "Hard to Give Thanks / Foundation" on The Deli Magazine.

Interview and spins on the November 1 2020 WCGO Playtime show.

"This recently-released single from Illinois combo Red Spot Rhythm Section is a most apt statement on the year as a whole" -

"It’s hard to give thanks when you’re feeling low, boy,” is repeated a few times in this short track. Plain and simple truth right there. A sentiment that’s been around for ages. And it reminds me of the old Reinhold Niebuhr Serenity Prayer: “Father, give us courage to change what must be altered, serenity to accept what cannot be helped, and the insight to know the one from the other.” Take the religiosity out of that statement, and you’ve got a pretty good foundation to live your life by." - Music Defined


Win For Losing

Appearing on the WLUW Reggae Vibes show with host Slacky J.

Featured on Radio One Chicago.